Get a Google Developer API Key How to access the Web Fonts API

To get developer API (application programming interface) access to several of the Google services, you need to have an API key. This is so Google can tell who is accessing the service, and ensure that each person stays below the courtesy daily limit for the number of requests.

Here we look at how to allow access for, and get a key for, the Google Web Fonts API.

  1. Head to the Google APIs Console. If you’re not already logged in to Google, you’ll need to do that when requested.
  2. On the left menu, select the Services item. If the Terms of Service appear, read and accept them.
    Left menu with the Services item highlighted on the Google APIs Console

    The Services item in the left menu of the Google APIs Console

  3. You should be presented with a list of services provided by Google. Scroll to the bottom and click the button next to the Web Fonts item, so it turns from off to on.
    Web Fonts API access button in the Google APIs Console

    Web Fonts API access button in the Google APIs Console

  4. On the left menu, select the API Access item. The API key is near the bottom of that pane, in the section titled “Simple API Access.”
    Simple API Access pane in Google APIs Console

    Simple API Access pane in Google APIs Console

You can now enter your personal API key in whichever tool or URL needed it. For example, enter it at the end of and you’ll see a full list of web fonts provided by Google.

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  1. Simple Access pane is not available in the API Access now. How to get the API access key?

  2. Narendra Kumar from India says:

    Thanks Gary… i am able to get api key..

  3. rONI says:

    Is this api key can be used to fetch google analytics data

    If not how to do it

  4. Zhirou says:

    Thanks Gary! I am able to get an API key, no problems at all! 🙂
    I had a lot of trouble with it but now I have one! 🙂

  5. Thanks Gary!

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